Crochet: American Flag Blanket

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American Flag

A Patriotic Blanket for a Friend

I have been crocheting for several years now, definitely as a hobby and not as a business.  Because of this, I am flattered when I get a request for a crochet item.  Not to say I don’t love making crocheted items as gifts, but a request is something slightly different.  In this case, a friend showed me a picture of an American flag blanket she had found on Pintrest and asked if this was something I could do.  I looked around and could not find a pattern that I thought mimicked the picture, hence the move even more beyond my comfort zone.

Star Testing

I was upfront that it would be a self created pattern.  First, I did some testing on creating the stars.  Then, the creation of the blue joining of the stars.  The stripes would be easiest as I could use a granny stitch, or so I thought.

The star hexagons were an adaptation of a hexagon blanket pattern I already owned from a wonderful designer CypressTextiles.  The stripes included some math to try and determine how to join to the star portion of the blanket.  This portion ended being slightly more difficult and didn’t lay perfectly flat when all said and done.  While it didn’t turn out as professional looking as I had hoped, it did turn out beautiful, and large!  The final product was 3.5 feet by 6 feet and my friend was overjoyed to receive her special order.

American Flag

My crochet journey

This project was certainly special.  I typically work with professional patterns (queue etsy, instagram, and other social media stalking).  Most of the other posts on my website will be exactly that, and I will give credit to those pattern makers.  If you are looking for a hobby that isn’t terribly time consuming, relatively affordable, and is great for stress relief, I recommend taking a look at crochet.

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  1. I made a afgan like this one lost the pattern need to make one again so I would like to see if u have the pattern

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