Crocheted Plaid Baby Blanket

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Crocheted Blue Plaid Baby Blanket

Crocheted Plaid Baby Blanket

This plaid baby blanket was a decently quick project for a baby blanket.  I found this pattern from a blogger I love that posts tons of free crochet patterns,  She actually doesn’t have it in a strict blanket pattern, but her tutorials and tips allow for this pattern to be converted to just about any item you want to make.  In the picture below, you have my then two year old to give you perspective of the size.

Plaid Baby Blanket

This blanket turned out wonderful.  I added a bobble stitch border that added a whimsical baby-like touch.  I used Caron Simply Soft Yarn for this project (and many other baby projects).  It’s an affordable, easy to find, yet great quality yarn.  If you don’t know how to do the bobble stitch, there are plenty of YouTube videos out there to not only explain, but to show you how to do that.  Fun fact: that is how I learned how to crochet.  Lots of reading and watching YouTube videos.  I have learned that this is truly a great resource to learn just about any technique you need help with.


Difficulty Rating

This project was easy as it did not require a lot of counting and was only a couple of different stitches.  I love these types of projects for a real relaxation purpose at the end of the day; maybe while a show is on TV.  I highly recommend trying any of Bethany’s patterns that involve the plaid stitch, and be sure to absolutely heed her advice on how to keep your yarn organized on for your project.  If you’ve ever done fiber art, you know that there is nothing more frustrating or project demoralizing than to have your yarn get into a tangled mess!  Happy Hooking and let me know if you try this!

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