Why Simply Larissa?

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Why Simply Larissa

Why “Simply Larissa” came to be was to share my recipes that hopefully introduce you to new foods and inspire you to cook!  But for a better understanding of how it all came to be, keep reading. 🙂

Where I Learned to Cook

I grew up around family that cooked.  My mom and step dad made all sorts of dishes that ranged from Italian to Polish to Pittsburgh (think Ham BBQ, and if you don’t know just click the link 😉 ).  I was also fortunate enough to learn some traditional Italian dishes from a real life Nonna.  From there, I just have a natural curiosity about cooking: I watch tons of cooking shows, YouTube videos, and read soo many recipes.  If I want to make a certain dish, I read or watch videos of at least 5 different recipes for that dish.  What usually ends up happening is a blend of some bits of each of those recipes as my final dish.

Because of this kind of “wing it” approach, I found I didn’t always recreate certain dishes the way I wanted to.  So the next phase began with writing things down, making notes on at least a print out or a cookbook.  Now, I have a notebook that I jot down amounts and steps. It is usually a sloppy mess as I adjust while I go!  But, now, I have my true versions of my family’s favorites.

Why Simply Larissa

What are the Goals for Simply Larissa

While I love to cook (and am more than willing to put in the extra time to do some “fancy” cooking) I need to balance it with being a full-time working mom outside of the home.  On this blog, anything marked as “Weeknight” is something that can be done within a half hour or so (maybe less with a little meal-prep).  The other major goal to the blog though is cooking with real, whole foods.  With that said , I do think we live in an incredibly busy world with jam packed schedules.  It’s all about balance and more the 80/20 rule I like to try to live by.  You can’t cook every meal or even every dinner.  It’s just not going to happen.  But, when you can, I think it’s important to try to cook something wholesome that will nourish the body and the soul.

My hope is that you’ll find recipes on my blog that are accessible, healthy, and quick!

How Simply Larissa Got Started

When I started sharing my food on Instagram I also started receiving requests for recipes.  I decided I wanted a blog that enabled me to share those recipes that are favorites.

You’ll see that I try to add recipes every so often.  And that it generally happens in spurts.  But, in time, my goal is to have a collection that my girls can also utilize as they begin their cooking journeys.

Feel free to share your thoughts, ask questions, or make recipe requests below in the comment field!

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