Roasted Beets

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roasted beets

Roasted Beets I have found that roasted beets are one of the best ways to enjoy these beautiful root vegetables.  I have also recently resolved my fear of getting my hands “dyed” while prepping these: so, now I want to do the same for you!  This post will work on the assumption that you like beets, but total transparency, I … Read More

Roasted Potatoes with Peppers

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roasted potatoes with peppers

Simple Summer Side Dish I love roasting vegetables.  In summer time, I feel nothing pairs better with crab legs than wonderful, roasted potatoes . My trick for roasted potatoes with peppers is to preserve some of the pepper flavor and texture by splitting the roasting time, but more on that later.  First, you’ll want to prepare your potatoes.  I used a combination … Read More